The French Soccer Institute of California is much more than a club, an academy or a university, it’s all in ONE for a UNIQUE SOCCER ORGANIZATION.

The FSI has set the following as its targets:

  • directly becoming involved in and creating a dynamic approach focusing on reflection, remodeling and progression-perfection of soccer in the United States, France and worldwide
  • developing a concept and a model that can be used and duplicated on different scales while respecting specific local features.

FSI of California is where the French expertise in youth soccer training  joins with the great soccer potential of the United States to create the biggest improvement for each player.

Technical committee

Made up of famous men and women who are specialists in the fields of French football and/or American soccer. Usually ex-French and American national and international men and women players or acknowledged experts, they have extensive experience in the many football and/or soccer related areas: training, coaching, physical training, club administration and management, communication/media, medical and health etc.

The Technical Committee provides some training for coaches all around the world and is in contact with the FSI of California Staff each day.



A team of French and American professional and international ambassadors currently playing or undergoing retraining. They are usually involved in socially oriented works or schemes.

They share their experience with the Technical Committee all year long and with young players involved in the FSI of California programs.


International soccer web/network

The FSI is in contact with French, US and English professional soccer clubs of Ligue 1, MLS and English Premier League. Links are built around a philosophy and some values are shared.

A lot of exchanges are done  made during the soccer season (research, seminars, training programs, camps, etc.) and some showcase events or try-outs are organized with or in the FSI of California.