French Soccer Institute (FSI) strives towards high performance and excellence in soccer, synonymous with values and development.

It is through a strong attachment to the region, the development of a real cultural identity and an approach involving participative democracy that the FSI seeks to support each man and woman in their search for success.

The FSI youth training system is focus on the blossoming of each player, and at the same time the beauty of the game and the performance.

It is as part of a Sustainable Development approach that the FSI is committed to working alongside, and for, the region and the local community.


Soccer objectives

  • Submit a unique framework and support structure for sporting excellence in American men and women players, teams and clubs, based on the French youth training soccer philosophy.
  • Facilitate exchanges and feedback between American and French men and women players and trainers in both countries
  • Provide and top up training for American boy and girl players enabling them to develop their social, technical and tactical arsenal
  • Develop autonomy in American boy and girl players thus preparing their integration into French, US and English professional clubs
  • Advice and support to clubs and to men and women players (amateurs, professional, university players) in order to improve their performances
  • Contribute to the development of soccer in the United States and in the local regional community


Cultural and citizen goals

  • Encourage citizenship in the behavior of boy and girl players:  self respect, respect for others, respect for the environment
  • Take part in the development of sporting, linguistic and cultural exchanges by creating and/or strengthening a soccer link between the United States and France
  • Use the practice of soccer to disseminate and help people discover the French culture