How to become a partner?

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Why join the FSI’s dynamic as a partner?

To promote a new approach for partnerships we grouped the partners according to their intervention with the FSI and its entities (see below)


Consulting and Reflexion

Participate to the development of the reflexion for the soccer of tomorrow and its re-evolution on different theme: juridical, practical, technical, organizational, philosophical, etc.

  • Production and creation for research
  • Tests, data analysis, development of specific applications, etc.
  • Organization of conferences, seminars, events, etc.


Our consulting and reflexion partners

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Be part of the dynamic by the development of products for FSI’s activity for and by the Soccer

  • Production and selling of specific products: FSI’ showcase
  • All the services needed for the FSI’s activities: food and beverage, travel and hosting,  soccer equipements, communication, etc.
  • Relationship based on exchange of competencies and long term partnership
  • Presence to conferences, animations organized by FSI and the « Consulting and Reflexion » partners
  • Meeting with soccer players and experts


Our technical partners

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Communicating partners

Every company who wants to associate its image with the FSI’s philosophy, the Soccer market and Sports

  • Innovative approach for sports sponsoring by listening the partner needs
  • Specific communication tools
  • An adaptive offer which fits with the objectives:entities-description
    • High association with the selected entity
    • Prior invitations to FSI promotional events, games
    • Presence on entity’s equipment
    • High presence on all communication tools and referral to site link
    International | National | Regional coverage 
    • Invitation to FSI’s promotional events, games
    • Presence on entity’s equipments
    • Presence on all communication tools and referral to site link
    National | Regional coverage
    • Limited presence on Entity’s equipements
    • Presence on defined communication tools and referral to site link
    Regional coverage


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