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The Institute is the scientific unit of the French Soccer Institute (FSI).

It develops a mission encompassing research, reflection, discussions and sharing of experience, as well as the development of training content.

In particular, it relies on the recommendations and work of the FSI Technical Committee made up of renowned professionals, experts and specialists in the fields of French football and/or American soccer. Its work is based on a research laboratory pattern.

The Institute is also a soccer consultancy that deploys the contributions and experiences of members of the Technical Committee with the support of the FSI managerial team and technical team. 

Offer for Soccer Clubs

Please contact ludovic.t@frenchsoccerinstitute.com | (949) 702 7739 for quote and details


The way to performance

The performance of a club is measured by the report of investment and return on investment. It is to make the $ as efficient as possible.
The success is both financial and sportingly and both parameters are closely linked more or less strongly depending on the policy used.

Any soccer club faces several challenges:

  • to build and to succeed while anticipating the cost of success
  • to solve the difficult equation between sports management and financial management
  • to identify and act on the performance levers

To answer this, we must enter into a process of striving for excellence with:

  • the establishment of a course of sporting excellence (CSE),
  • the delivery of results and the development of a quality game

The CSE is established and is measured by 3 major axes and analysis inputs:

  • Hiring / diagnostic
  • Training / schooling
  • Monitoring and formative valuation

Several tools allow the establishment of CSE:

  • Player’s profiling
  • Intelligence assessment and tactical sense
  • The setup of a research unit, focusing on training so as physical development and   psychological capabilities.

FSI is in its path of life as it constantly creates, develops and revitalizes.  The approaches and tools that are used to prioritize efficiency are adjusted to match each context: “more with less”. This is the goal set by our auditors who give advice and support to the French Soccer Institute and work in full partnership with the club and its territory, the club entities, and partners of the club.

The systemic and sustainable development will be the focused approach.


Systemic analysis

The French Soccer Institute’s core business is to provide a unique environment that combines excellence in training and international level expertise.

Composed of  former National / International coaches, the French Soccer Institute (FSI) will help any soccer organization, club or  investor to develop and identify a multitude of opportunities in the team that  will maximize the team’s full potential. This intangible matter cannot be duplicated and will respond to any specific situation (technical, cohesion, team spirit, skills needed).

Our Pro-Experts will be able to identify, and treat any soccer need and will in a constructive way, provide the materials to reach another level. During our training sessions or clinics we will work closely with your existing management group and will provide them with keys to develop a sustainable soccer identity that will benefit each player, fan, and the sport in general.

Our offer is based on several services organized according to the soccer club’s needs and organization, season, and team calendar.

By providing continuous feedback, you will be able to align your best start up team according to a specific strategy, to initiate new tactics to be implemented and used during the season, and to give the team the tools to develop new standards and better quality soccer.

Finally, the French Soccer Institute (FSI) could arrange at our facility or yours, a week dedicated to scrimmage and training.


  • Audit, Expertise and Support
  • Training programs
  • Architectural Facilities Program
  • Tours to clubs in France (Ligue 1, Ligue2, etc.) and the rest of Europe
  • Long terms partnerships with Clubs