This last Saturday December 14th, the French Soccer Institute (FSI) has organized the 1st event of its FSI Winter League at the La Pata Vista Hermosa Sports Park in San Clemente. With 8 teams and more than 40 kids, It has been a success.

More than a simple tournament with games, this new soccer format gives a chance to each kid to have fun and improve at the same time. The 11v11 field has been divided in 4 5v5 games fields and 2 clinics workshops. With a well-timed teams turnover, kids have played 4 games and discovered 2 different ways to develop their individual and collective skills : a perfect mix between « theory and practice », « exercises and exams » ! A good way to keep in good shape during this off-season too.

Under the FSI banner, 1 team from San Clemente, 2 teams from San Diego and 1 from Los Angeles have taken part to the afternoon. Other youth teams from hometown and neighborhood soccer clubs have been invited in order to create some links between the organizations, players and start to draw and work on the local training territory project.

The local kids too had been solicited to join the event for a unique $20 fee for 3 hours of soccer. You could have arrived by your own or with your team.

Games have been very exciting, interesting and intense for players, coaches, parents and fans under a warm winter sun. Everyone has left the field with a specific memory and a higher knowledge of soccer rules and understanding.

The next date for the FSI Winter League has been already appointed. It will be in January !