Friday, Jan 3 –  Players please arrive @ Pomona Pitzer Fields at 945, for 10am start. Bill Schwartz will coach 1 team, take them through warm up, and prepare for a game. Here is a link to the athletics facility with a map and layout. The address is at the bottom.

Ludovic Talliandier from our partners at the French Soccer Institute will do same with other team. We’ve just added Ludovic to our roster of staff. He’s a UEFA A licensed coach and has specialized in youth coaching with the French Football Federation. (FFF) Expect to play two 30 minute halves.

Chivas USA Assistant Coach Junior Gonzales will also be in attendance as a scout, and will be leading a discussion on the scouting process among other things. Expect this conversation to be interactive and feel free to ask as many questions as you can. Here’s a link to Junior’s profile on the Chivas USA website:

Saturday, Jan 4 – Expect same as Day 2. End time will be 12 noon.  Dan Kennedy will be evaluating and working with goalkeepers.

LA Galaxy and LA Blues will be in attendance as well.