The French Soccer Institute (FSI) decided to create its own foundation in order to engage itself at all levels (regional, national and international)  with social and environmental causes and to promote positive changes in connection with soccer.

Thus, in addition to its internal Sustainable Development approach, the FSI seeks to promote:

  • a humanist, ethical and social approach to soccer
  • a positive and integrating role played by soccer
  • accountability as part of a Sustainable Development outlook for soccer


What will we do in the local area of Southern California?

At the local scale the FSI’s foundation will:

  • Provide scholarships for kids who want to be part of the FSI (following certain criteria)
  • Organize actions for the preservation of the environment such as :

• beach cleaning
• soccer activities to educate and encourage youths to recycle: “Champions for Tomorrow™”
• partnership with local associations which work for toward social responsibility

  • Free afterschool sessions
  • Promote Social diversity and fight racism by organizing local tournaments with local communities
  • Engage actions for health improvement and fight childhood obesity
  • Collect used equipment and redistribute to children in need


Free Clinics for local community



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San Diego

Soccer and environment

Pedagogical activities


Beach Soccer


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