At the French Soccer Institute,
we focus on and work for excellence high performance personal development soccer re-evolution


Some of the things we do : Youth training Trainers supplying Club support Pro franchise development International exchanges Conferences Seminars Consulting Research Publications



The French Soccer Institute (FSI) proposes excellence and performance in soccer with Its international and high-level experts from Europe.
FSI is entirely committed and dedicated to :

Improve the youth
training process

Develop the
quality of play

Support the personal
development of each player

Promote sustainability
in soccer

Our innovative concepts

territory of training

The FSI Technical Committee has created the concepts of
soccer re-evolution© and territory of training©

And It’s through these 2 innovative concepts that the FSI field staff work for and with the local communities, clubs, universities, colleges, schools and players.

Our field staff use the systemic and the ecological approaches for clubs’ projects, youth training programming and sessions, players’ development.

Our experience & network



To influence and to be a main actor of the re-evolution of soccer based on updated processes and continuous improvement, in collaboration with experts and research laboratories


To propose and to develop a unique framework for top sporting excellence and performance to players, teams, clubs and federations with the support of international and professional advisors, trainers and coaches

Teamwork & co-construction

To generate a collaborative dynamic through shared individual and collective objectives, democratic processes,  a strong committment to the local territory and community, the development of specific projects and identities of play, the empowerment of the whole soccer community


To ensure a sustainable and profitable development through a holistic system, short-term to long-term strategy and an environmental approach


Youth training

  • Planning and programming
  • Additional trainings : semi-private lessons and clinics
  • Camps
  • Personal coaching

Trainers supplying

  • Federations and Pro clubs
  • Universities, colleges, schools and local clubs
  • Adult and youth teams, coaching and physical training
  • Season, programs, specific trainings
  • UEFA A and UEFA B licences with Pro and Youth specialization

Club support

  • Philosophy, Identity of play and Sustainability
  • Strategy and management
  • Shareholding, fundraising and sponsoring
  • Pro staff, Youth training and team training
  • Sports venues programming and operating

Pro franchise development

  • Purchase and/or shareholding process
  • Strategy, HR and PR
  • Shareholding, fundraising and sponsoring
  • Pro staff and Youth training
  • Stadium and training complex solutions


  • Training
  • Strategy
  • Management
  • Business development
  • Marketing and communication
  • Sustainability

International networking

  • Pro clubs’ and Universities’ managers and coaches
  • Combines and try-outs
  • Tournaments and camps
  • Scholarships and stays abroad
  • Marketing and communication
  • Image, exposure and patnerships


  • Youth Training
  • Physical training
  • Sustainability strategy and actions


  • Campus and lab
  • Links with Universities’ lab
  • FIFA and UEFA trainers and advisors
  • Chair of research on sustainable soccer
  • Database


  • Scientific articles and books
  • Tutorials
  • Medias coverage


Our collaborations