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    Gordon Miller
    The French way – We must always take a look at successful soccer nations and learn from what they do and how they do it. We are still developing successful soccer programs in the US that work and we must be willing to learn from any and all countries that can help further that goal. I don’t believe that we can take one country’s successful blueprint and implement it, verbatim, here. We must always consider our own set of unique circumstances, such as geographical qualities, youth structures, political agendas, etc., and then implement what works best for us. But, perhaps there are other aspects and details that can be gleaned in order to help propel our country and our state forward in the development of youth soccer players. The French have had great success in producing winning teams and highly skilled players. And, they seem to have a working, well thought-out formula in place to continue to do so in the future.Gordon Miller, Virginia Youth Soccer Association Technical Director


    Todd Durbin
    We are incredibly excited about this new partnership with the French Football Federation. As part of our vision to be among the top leagues in the world by 2022, we are committed to becoming leaders in the area of player development. This initiative will provide an important learning opportunity for MLS youth academies.Todd Durbin, MLS Executive Vice President of Player Relations & Competition


    Tim Bezbatchenko
    One area we identified that was weaker than many others was our experience with developing a world class player. The idea was to focus on who’s coaching the coaches. We said, ‘Let’s invest in our own people and their professional development.’ We decided to go to the source. The French Football Federation really revolutionized player development in Europe.” “It’s about creating intelligent players. It’s about teaching the coaches how to set that up, how to do that.Tim Bezbatchenko Toronto FC's general manager


    John Wolyniec
    Throughout history the French have developed a reputation for being thinkers,” “And when you’re trying to think about educating in soccer, you have to have a bit of an intellectual approach. That’s one of the things I’ve noticed so far in this course, is how in-depth and how comprehensively they think about what they’re doing.” “Objective look at ourselves, who we are and who we want to be, and can we see ourselves as educators, rather than coaches? In other words: not playing to win on the weekend but developing the player to win in the future and to become a professional.John Wolyniec, New York MetroStars/Red Bulls forward, reserve team coach and player development coordinator



    Vern Gambetta
    Youth sport development – Could we learn some lessons from the French soccer development process?
    Here is some food for thought. This transcends soccer!

    • Emphasis on experimentation and creativity not matches.
    • Access to top coaches
    • Value on unstructured play
    • 7 year olds play no format larger than 5V5
    • No child slotted into one position until teenage years
    • Individual technique emphasized through age 16 over tactics
    • Coaches need to be quality demonstrators
    • Yelling at players not tolerated
    • All training must be funVern Gambetta, Director of Gambetta Sports Training Systems. He has been the a conditioning coach for several teams in Major League Soccer as well as the conditioning consultant to the US Men’s World Cup Soccer team




    Over the last decade or even two, France has arguably been the soccer world’s most consistent producer of elite creative talent. Certainly, other countries can stake a claim to that distinction, but surely none are quite so elaborate and deliberate in the pedagogy of their future generations of professionnals.Leander Schaerlaeckens, soccer journalist (Fox soccer) has written about soccer for The New York Times, The Guardian, ESPN The Magazine and World Soccer



    The French have a proven track record of developing top class coaches and always seem to have a constant stream of talented young players coming up through their league structure before being sold to the World’s top clubs.Dave Rowaan, soccer journalist (Soccer Canada)



    Best developmental training for players and coaches in CA! If you want your child to develop their skill, knowledge of the game, knowledge of the field, how to make solutions for their teammates and make better decisions during state of play then know FSI will be able to attain this development for your child. As a coach I am able to take my team to next level play and myself to next level coaching! One thousand thank you’s FSI !Stacie
    I wanted to congratulate you on having brought FSI to the school.  As parents, we have been enjoying Seiji’s training and Seiji’s Saturday games and clinics.  It is really inspiring to be able to meet with renown French soccer players who are currently playing at teams like the LA Galaxy.  It also adds to the purpose of our children being at SDFAS to be able to have after school activities in French. Ludovic is also a very warm and enthusiastic coach whom the children really like.Tere
    I think it’s great that they’re giving back to the community and especially if it’s something they want to start, like, building a rapport here, I think it’s a good idea they’re giving back.Kelly
    It’s sounds pretty exciting. The level of play over in Europe is definitely higher than here in the United States, so we want to see what they have to offer.Debra


    The idea is to create the best model of youth training development in San Clemente. It’s not just about creating another soccer organization, it’s about raising the level of play in the local territory. We think that we bring some great experience.French Soccer Institute CEO, Alexis Gallice